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Have you been experiencing headaches or jaw pains recently and cannot figure out the cause? This may be related to a condition called “bruxism.”

Bruxism makes you clench or grind your teeth while awake and during sleep. Sleep bruxism, or clenching your teeth during sleep, can also come with other related symptoms, such as snoring.

Bruxism can be hard to diagnose, as it happens at night. You may not be aware you have it until complications arise. That’s why it’s important to see your healthcare provider, including your dentist, for routine assessments.

The underlying causes are hard to determine, but you can mitigate their negative impact. Using a custom nightguard is one way to minimize potential damage to your mouth due to teeth grinding or clenching.


What Is a Nightguard?

A nightguard keeps your teeth and jaw in their ideal resting position. This protects them against the harmful effects of grinding and clenching.

The Importance of Getting a Custom Nightguard at the Dental Office

Not all mouthguards are created equal. Don’t confuse a sports mouthguard with custom nightguards. These oral devices serve different purposes.

Wearing a sports mouthguard to sleep can keep saliva from reaching your gums and teeth. Saliva plays an essential role in neutralizing acidity and strengthening the enamel. During sleep, the acid levels in the mouth increase, while salivary flow decreases.

Long-term bruxism can lead to damaged enamel and even tooth loss. Your nightguard can prevent this from happening. It serves as a barrier between your teeth, absorbing the pressure when you clench or grind.

A sports guard or any over-the-counter mouthguard won’t offer these benefits.

How Do Nightguards Work?

When you have bruxism, you feel headaches and pain in your jaw area. You don’t feel fully rested, no matter how long you’ve slept. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent clenching, but you can reduce its effects on your oral health with the help of a custom nightguard.

A nightguard can be soft or hard. A soft nightguard is for mild bruxism. It’s not meant for those who clench hard. A hard nightguard is ideal for those with severe bruxism. The device is made with a hard material that helps keep the jaw in the ideal position while you sleep. It’s durable and can withstand heavy grinding forces.

Your nightguard must be able to address your symptoms and help you sleep more comfortably. Each mouth condition is unique, so oral devices must also be personalized.

Benefits of a Dental Nightguard

  • Minimizes chronic headaches. Chronic headaches and neckaches are among the common symptoms of bruxism. The tension impacts the mouth, jaw, and related structures, such as the neck and shoulders. You wake up fatigued even after a long night of sleep. Wearing a nightguard minimizes these symptoms.
  • Prevents tooth damage. Teeth grinding and clenching can leave the enamel thinner, chipped, and fractured. The more and harder you grind, the more your teeth are subject to potential damage. Minor chips can be fixed with fillings, while major cracks may require bridges or implants. Wearing a nightguard protects the teeth and mouth and prevents the need for restorative dental procedures.

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Do you experience bruxism symptoms? If you’re in Little Italy, Toronto, Ontario, and would like to be assessed for teeth grinding, contact us today. Let’s find out if a custom nightguard can be beneficial for your situation.

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