Are Invisalign® Orthodontics right for you?

It isn’t often that the public gets excited about orthodontics, but when it comes to Invisalign, people everywhere have definitely started to take notice over the past few years.

So, could Invisalign orthodontics be right for you? Here are three quick things to consider:

  • Invisalign offers a better look than traditional braces. Ask anyone who ever had the old metal-style braces how much they enjoyed it, and they’ll tell you firsthand what kind of advantage having clear, unseen orthodontic appliances can be.
  • With Invisalign, you can eat what you want. One of the hardest things for patients, when it comes to metal braces, has always been that they have to stay away from certain foods to keep them clean. Since Invisalign appliances can be removed, however, you don’t have to be careful about what you eat.
  • Invisalign is fast and affordable. Invisalign teeth straightening compares favorably to traditional braces when it comes to cost and the number of months needed to use them. Getting a beautiful smile with Invisalign might be a lot easier, and more affordable, than you think.