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When your gums start to bleed, it can be an alarming experience. While in some cases it may just be caused by brushing too hard or other minor issues, for many individuals, bleeding gums could be a sign of a more serious problem such as gum disease.
We will utilize 3D computer imaging technology to demonstrate the complete treatment plan from the initial position to the final desired position.
Although it's never a great idea to put off seeing a dentist, there are times when work, travel, or budgetary concerns can cause you to delay a routine cleaning or small procedure. If you're facing something bigger, however, it's important to make an appointment immediately.
When you stop to think about it, it's surprising how little thought most people put into finding the right dentist. They might simply choose one that's close to their home, or ask a friend for a referral
The Myobrace System is a no-braces approach to straightening your teeth and jaws. Treatment uses myofunctional orthodontic techniques to address the poor oral habits (known as myofunctional habits) that are the real
Teeth are crooked because they didn't erupt properly, they came in the mouth tilted, sideways and not upright in the position they need in order to be straight.
It seems most of our children these days are developing crowded teeth and their jaws are developing incorrectly. Although symptoms of this can be evident from as young as three years old